Air Compressor Golf Shoe Cleaner

Shoe Valet


The shoe valet is the ideal solution for removing mud and grass from golfers shoes especially during days of continuous rain where grounds become saturated.


Compressor : Oil Free 59 Litre

Frame Size: 1040(d) 1000 x (w) 1045 (h)

Frame Construction : Made from steel and powder coated green

Power : Standard 13 amp plug

2 Air Hoses foot grill 220 (h)

“Reduce Mud and Waste around your Golf Facility with our top of the range shoe valet”

Top of the Range Compressor

We use a top of the range premium air compressor to meet the needs of a busy golf course. It is a 59 litre oil free tank with an auto drain receiver valve.

Steel Frame

The steel frame is powder coated in green (other colours available on request) which houses the air compressor securely under lock and key.

All shoe cleaner frames are logo’d free of charge.

Warranty & Service

Provided the operating instructions have been followed, and the compressor has been properly maintained,

Bambi VT and VTS compressors are guaranteed against faulty workmanship for a period of 2 years.

The air receiver is guaranteed for 5 years. The guarantee does not cover damage by misuse, incorrect parts or service.

Contact Bambi Air Ltd or your retailer for further information. Pleasesee handbook for servicing requirements.

Housing Unit Warranty: 12 Months.Servicing:1st service recommended after 2000 running hours and then annually

Finance Available

Purchasing a shoe cleaner is a significant investment which we believe is worthwhile in the long term. Finance packages are therefore available, please contact us for more information.
Air Compressor Golf Shoe Cleaner

Why Purchase a Range Solutions Air Compressor Shoe Cleaner?

You will be buying from a reliable, long established Family Business.
Your cleaning and maintenance costs will be reduced considerably  – help eliminate the mess from around your facility created by the grass and mud from shoes.
Effective on both soft and metal spikes, as well as studs.
Helps to Address the Health and Safety implications of slipping on debris left from dirty shoes.
Logos or sponsorship can be added FREE OF CHARGE.
Each machine is hand built in our UK factory using the highest quality components.
The entire unit is powder coated against rust ensuring many years of service from your Range Solutions system.
Other colours available other than our standard Green – please ask for details.