Transform your Driving Range or Golf Facility

For The Driving Range

Range Solutions main area of expertise is working with driving ranges and golf courses to improve their existing practice grounds.

From our 30 year industry experience our drive and passion is to make your practice facility look modern, professional and state of the art. For the Driving Range we can offer the following:

  • Fully refurbish your driving range from the ground up or provide all equipment for a new start up.
  • We offer a complete service from the initial consultation and design stage, right through to manufacturing and installation.
  • All types of driving range equipment including range dividers, ball machinery, flooring, mats, carpet tile flooring, accessories & more.

Driving Range Bay Dividers

Spike Range Carpet Tile Flooring

Outfield Target and Distance Markers

Range Accessories

For The Golf Course & Practice Ground

Since its inception several years ago we have seen a unprecedented level of interest in the Range Bay concept, the idea of a multi-bay modular or portable teaching facility has been widely received as the next generation of affordable practical teaching solutions. With over 20 installations and counting the addition of RangeBay at your golf club can enhance your facility further.

For the Golf Course and Practice ground we can offer the following:

  • An all year round covered practice and teaching facility (RangeBay).
  • Bespoke items such as our outdoor hitting nets made in our factory and can be fitted as part of a package with a concrete base, artificial turf flooring and golf mats.
  • Range Solutions top of the range air compressor shoe cleaner which will help to drastically reduce dirt and mud around your facility.
  • 100s of high quality items for the golf course and putting green such as flags, flag pins, holecups, distance and tee markers and many more.


Teardrop Bay Dividers

Golf Hitting Nets

Air Compressor Shoe Cleaner

Examples of recent driving range refurbishments…

Branston Golf & Country Club



Croft Golf Centre



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