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World of Golf London


In early August all 51 driving range divider nets and handrails were replaced at World of Golf’s two tier driving range in London.

Also with the growing importance of being active on social media and engaging with your audience regularly Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube icons were placed alongside the World of Golf Logo on the front triangle to promote all of their social media accounts.


Work Details

Facility World of Golf London
Date August 2017
Work Replace 51 Bay Divider Nets and Handrails

World of Golf London Driving Range Refurbishment
World of Golf London
World of Golf Driving Range Bay Views

Blackmoor Golf Club


In June we manufactured and installed, a 3 bay portable RangeBay at Blackmoor Golf Club.

The club was also supplied with a Range Maxx Ball Dispenser, Washer and Collector.

Work Details

Facility Blackmoor Golf Club
Date June 2017
Work RangeBay and Driving Range Equipment

Blackmoor 2 bay RangeBay to concrete (side view)
Blackmoor 2 bay RangeBay to concrete (front view)
Blackmoor 2 bay RangeBay (bay views)

Abbey Golf Centre


Range Solutions worked with Abbey Golf Centre in May 2017 to replace all their existing bay dividers.

Black PVC and green netted hanging bay dividers were installed along with some handrails. All the dividers were sponsored by PING.

Work Details

Facility Abbey Golf Centre
Date May 2017
Work Replace Bay Dividers

Abbey Hill Golf Centre Driving Range
Abbey Hill Golf Centre hanging netted bay divider and handrail
Abbey Hill Golf Centre Driving Range Bay

Cannington Golf Course


Range Solutions worked with Cannington Golf Course in April 2017 to fully refurbish their driving range.

Old wooden bay dividers were removed and replaced with more modern hanging netted dividers throughout the range. Two designated teaching bays were also set at the end of the range separated by a teardrop divider.

The carpet tile flooring in the walkway was replaced and another colour was used to distinguish the bays.

Refurbishment Details

Facility Cannington Golf Course
Date April 2017
Work Bay Dividers, Carpet Tile Flooring, Teaching Bays

Cannington Golf Course Before Driving Range Refurbishment Old - Bay Dividers and Flooring
Cannington Golf Course Driving Range Refurbishment
Cannington Golf Course Driving Range Refurbishment Teaching Bays

Pachesham Golf Centre


It took us around one week to complete but the end result has been very impressive at Pachesham Golf Centre.

We’ve fully carpeted throughout with two tones of spike range tiles to separate the walkway from the bays.

Matching the colour scheme of the carpet tiles silver and black hanging netted bay dividers sponsored by Ping were fitted throughout.

Work Details

Facility Pachesham Golf Centre
Date March 2017
Work Carpet and bay divider fittings

Pachesham Golf Centre Driving Range Refurbishment
Pachesham Golf Centre Netted Dividers and Flooring
Pachesham Golf Centre Split Netted Divider