Range Maxx V Ball Collector 3 gang


A v shaped golf ball collector for the driving range made from a galvanised steel frame collecting 1,950 golf balls in total



The popularity of the Range Maxx® v-collector has grown tremendously during the past years. It combines a lightweight construction with a commercial price. The unit consists of:

  • Galvanised steel frame with either standard or reinforced black plastic discs
  • 650 golf balls per picking unit (1,950 total capacity)
  • 2 baskets per picking frame, 6 in total
  • Width 2.95cm
  • Weight approx 125 kilos

Choose the size that best suits your range. The basis model is a 3-gang collector, which can be extended with a 5-gang extension and with a 7-gang extension set.

Every unit is independently trailed enabling the collector to follow the contours of undulated areas

Maintenance exists only of greasing the moving parts through grease nipples

One nut and bolt required to connect to the pushing vehicle – In the middle on the backside of the picture you will see the adapter bar. This is a flat bar with one thick bolt in the middle. This bolt has to be fixed to a flat bumper on the pushing vehicle.

Additional information


Range Maxx


6 (2 per picking unit)

Total Ball Carrying Capacity

1,950 golf balls



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